Justpoint is a late-stage startup helping individuals find an attorney for their cases based on predicted outcomes. It also enables them to identify and hold responsible parties accountable for any harm they may have caused. 

Justpoint's Features Explained

Justpoint business model works as a marketplace; users can search for attorneys who match their needs. Through predictive analytics, they use a database of 300,000 historical claims, allowing Just Point to match users with the attorney best suited for their case. In this way, finding the right attorney is automated and improved to ensure accuracy and reliability using data.  

Their platform looks for patterns and correlations in their database; their AI algorithms have been trained with vast amounts of data that allow them to find large-scale health trends that can be taken to court. Additionally, they can discover defective products and adverse drug side effects.

Market Opportunity

Justpoint has partnered with over 1000 attorneys who have carefully been evaluated and vetted by their team. With this extensive network of attorneys, they can offer users the right attorney for their cases. Justpoint's services also benefit attorneys since they can leverage the platform's features to build better relationships with clients and increase their success rate in court trials. 

The legal services industry is estimated to be worth $397 billion in the United States alone; over 70 million Americans are involved in civil cases each year. The market is expected to keep growing in the coming years, driven by the growing demand for the digitization of legal services and the need for a more efficient way of finding reliable attorneys.

With the ability to leverage predictive analytics, Justpoint has a unique opportunity to disrupt the market and offer individuals a more efficient and accurate way of finding an attorney for their case. The company is well-positioned to continue gaining the attention of venture capitalists and angel investors.

Potential Risks

Despite the potential growth opportunities, some risks are still associated with Justpoint's operations. The most significant risk is its reliance on AI algorithms and predictive analytics which may not always provide accurate results due to a lack of data or other factors.

Additionally, some legal risks may be associated with its operation since state laws governing attorney-client relationships may vary from state to state. Justpoint needs profound knowledge of the industry regulations and laws so they can operate without any legal issues. 

Justpoint's Startup Profile Now Available on aVenture

Justpoint will revolutionize the legal industry by providing users access to professional attorneys using artificial intelligence and data. With its vast network of vetted attorneys, predictive analytics capabilities, and market opportunity estimated at $397 billion in just the US alone, Justpoint offers investors an excellent opportunity for growth. 

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