aVenture is a fintech platform connecting individual investors, venture capital fund managers, and startups. At aVenture, we are dedicated to providing investors to capitalize on the success of early-stage startups and help them become successful venture capitalists.

Our platform will connect accredited and non-accredited investors with seasoned venture capital fund managers and founders, allowing them to start investing in an asset class that has historically outperformed traditional assets like stocks and bonds. We firmly believe all investors deserve access to the exciting venture capital industry.

Investing in venture capital can't get any easier with aVenture, so we are here to explain how to make your first venture investment on our platform in five easy steps:

1. Find A Fund Manager

Begin your journey by exploring our carefully curated selection of venture capital funds. Get a quick, summarized glimpse of each fund profile to understand what differentiates them. aVenture also allows its user to research specific fund managers and venture capital firms that match their investment interests.


2. Research Venture Capital Funds and Startups

Once you find a venture capital fund that grabs your interest, dive into its profile to get a comprehensive view of its investment strategy, portfolio companies, team, and key performance metrics. Take the time you need to perform your due diligence, and when you're ready, you can easily click the 'Invest' button.

Furthermore, aVenture allows its users to explore the individual profile of the various early-stage companies in each fund manager's portfolio and provides valuable information about their founding rounds, company founders, and growth potential.


3. Define Your Investment 

Define the investment amount that aligns with your investment goals for the venture capital fund or group of funds you've selected. This allows you to tailor your investment approach and allocate your capital appropriately.

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4. Invest and Become a Venture Capitalist!

Review your transaction details, and after confirming, you will be well on your way to becoming a venture capital investor. Feel confident that you have made an informed investment decision.


5. Keep Track of Your Investment Portfolio 

Now that you've become a venture capitalist, you can keep track of your investment portfolio through our portfolio overview dashboard. You can watch your investments grow as you contribute to developing the next wave of game-changing startups.

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That's how simple it is to become a venture capital investor with aVenture. Once you have made your first investment, remember you can access a vast range of research on the venture capital funds and startups in your portfolio. You can gain insight into their performance, stay up to date with the latest news and developments, observe the success of their strategies, and explore new opportunities. 

Learn more about our venture investing platform features and how we plan to help investors in their venture capital journey.

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Bruno Sanchez
Post by Bruno Sanchez
A venture capitalist with a B.S. in Economics and several years of experience in the field. With aVenture he's helping investors access venture capital.