At aVenture, we are committed to providing investors with the opportunity to participate in the success of early-stage companies. Our platform will connect investors with experienced venture capital fund managers and founders, allowing them to invest in some of the most promising startups around through our curated selection of venture capital funds. We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of venture capital investing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use aVenture

1. Liquidity

aVenture will offer public-private crossover funds that enable access to accredited and non-accredited investors to venture capital investment opportunities. Unlike traditional private equity investing, where investors can only make redemptions on a long time horizon, aVenture will offer periodic quarterly withdrawals to its users.  

Additionally, our ongoing investments feature will allow investors to customize and adjust their strategy according to individual needs with automated monthly contributions rather than investing in a lump sum. This feature will make venture capital investing a seamless experience by allowing users to suspend, increase, or change contribution amounts on demand. 

2. Diversification

We plan to offer a diverse selection of fund managers with distinct investment theses giving investors access to a basket of startup companies and pre-IPO companies with different geographies, sectors, and business models. Our mission is to help those looking to invest in venture capital access a diversified offer to match different investment strategies.

The fund managers that will be listed on our platform are independent of aVenture and will be carefully vetted and qualified through our internal due diligence process so that we can only offer funds that meet high-quality standards.

3. Secure & High Trust Platform

Clients can feel safe investing with aVenture knowing their funds are held in separate legal custody. This will add an extra layer of protection for investors' assets as we make sure to keep our obligations and client funds completely independent. This is an essential safeguard provided by aVenture to promote certain assurance and confidence when they invest in our venture capital funds.

aVenture Home Dashboard

4. Finding And Selecting A Fund Manager

Our platform will bring together a rich array of venture capital funds, giving users access to a diverse selection of venture capital firms. With our comprehensive research dashboard, we have put together relevant tools to potentially help them make informed decisions about their investments.

Assessing each fund manager can be made simpler through insightful profiles ranging from portfolio composition and strategy to past performance data and team information. We believe these tools will make the process of vetting and finding a suitable investment easier.

5. Research Platform

aVenture users will gain access to a wide range of research materials through the aVenture platform. These features include proprietary scores (e.g., ESG, growth, risk), financials, and business metrics that will allow them to dive deeper into each venture capital fund and their portfolio companies. 


With aVenture, we strive to break down the barriers we have traditionally seen in the venture capital industry. Our goal is to make it easier for anyone to invest in venture capital. To learn more about how aVenture and venture capital work, we invite you to continue reading our blog on startups and venture capital and join our waitlist at

Bruno Sanchez
Post by Bruno Sanchez
A venture capitalist with a B.S. in Economics and several years of experience in the field. With aVenture he's helping investors access venture capital.